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China's private kitchen energy saving and environmental protection professional is forming a joint force

Business News
2017/04/22 10:39
Recently, the first annual meeting of China's private science and technology Industrialists Association kitchen energy saving and environmental protection Specialized Committee was held in Guangzhou, thus marking the joint efforts of China's private kitchen energy saving and environmental protection major.
The meeting, China private technology entrepreneur association executive vice chairman and Secretary General Xiao Fangchen, chairman of Specialized Committee, Specialized Committee Yuantang Huang, Secretary General Hu Duanzhi, executive deputy secretary general Wu Yuan identity leaders and experts on the "2013 work summary and Outlook" "China kitchenware energy saving technology status and development trend of" "on the National Association kitchenware Specialized Committee development strategy of energy saving and environmental protection" "Wuhan city to implement the State Council on accelerating the development of energy-saving environmental protection industry in the spirit of the document" "kitchen energy-saving environmental protection, exploration and practice of" conducted a special report. During the meeting, we also visited Guangzhou Heng Lian hotel supplies Co., Ltd., and visited the kitchen energy saving demonstration project.
The meeting held that China's kitchen energy saving and environmental protection profession has broad prospects for development and has attracted more people with lofty ideals. The meeting called for unity and action and effectiveness of the Specialized Committee to enhance the appeal and cohesion of the organization.
At present, the majority of Specialized Committee and member enterprises, met a good opportunity for development, policy environment, the degree of attention, the people of the country concerned, consumer demand, consumer purchasing power is a positive change, "the climatic and geographical conditions". At the same time, we must strengthen our understanding of national policies, strengthen communication with relevant departments, and operate under the guidance of laws, regulations and policies. We should integrate innovation ability, R & D capability, production capacity and marketing ability organically. We should create conditions for more experienced enterprises to do typical guided work. Through a planned, conscious guidance, so that we gradually become the leader of this region, to become a model of peer learning, growth into leading enterprises and entrepreneurs.
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