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Very reminder: imported kitchen utensils should not exceed the standard of heavy metals

2017/05/04 14:18
The day before, Shandong Weihai port enterprise inspection of imported a number of Korean kitchenware, including stainless steel curtain 960, 93 kilograms, worth US $480. Shandong Weihai inspection and quarantine inspection, the number of stainless steel curtain "Chrome" test value is 4 mg / DM2, does not meet the national standard of "national food safety standard stainless steel products" (GB 9684-2011) in the "Chrome" limit of 0.4 mg / dm2. Therefore, the safety and hygiene project inspection is judged to be unqualified, and now it has been returned.
It is understood that, "chromium" into the human cells, the liver, kidneys and other internal organs will cause damage, accumulation in the human body has carcinogenicity, and may cause genetic mutations, will seriously endanger human health.
Now, contact with food, utensils, Kitchenware and containers and packaging materials in the harmful elements, harmful substances pollution has become one of the important sources of food, is one of the new food safety concerns. In order to maintain domestic consumer health, Weihai bureau to remind the relevant enterprise: imported food contact products prior to the inspection and quarantine departments should understand the relevant national standards and regulations, and good communication with foreign shippers, clear input food contact products in our country should comply with the mandatory national standard requirements of our country. At the same time, in the trade contract stipulated in the claim clause, once the imported product quality problems, may through the claim to avoid economic losses.
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