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Development status of Chinese kitchenware hardware industry

2017/05/04 14:18
With the accelerated process of urbanization in China, a large number of residents moved into the new house, the domestic market demand for kitchen utensils is also considerable, it is learned that in recent years, China's kitchenware hardware market sales increased at 35%. From 1980s, a short period of 20 years of development, kitchenware industry has become a sunrise industry, and entered a qualitative change from rapid growth to gradually mature.
As Home Furnishing necessities, hardware kitchenware industry a huge market demand, and with the rural economic development, requirements for kitchenware is rising, kitchenware hardware industry growth momentum is still relatively optimistic. However, due to the large number of household electrical appliance enterprises competing in the kitchen and toilet market, especially the comprehensive strength of multinational enterprises to join, making the kitchen, kitchenware, hardware industry market competition is more intense. The future development of the industry will continue to test the products, brands and channel construction of many enterprises.
Home Furnishing kitchenware as the necessities of life, always have a broad consumer market, with the continuous improvement of living standards, the quality of life continues to improve, kitchen is not only a kind of simple life activities, the materials, and other brand and other characteristics, highlight the user's taste and grade Home Furnishing. Even the kitchenware product upgrading faster frequency, technology and appearance changes, part of the product has exceeded the general consumer durable goods kitchen less cyclical characteristics, shows the characteristics of fast consumer goods.
At present, China's food and kitchenware hardware market is still in the two yuan market status, namely, urban and rural markets in two parts. The rural kitchenware hardware market is still in its infancy, rely mainly on the grocery store, hardware store and other sales channels, products generally belong to the low-end brand, more confusion, the price is low, mainly to meet the general needs of cooking. As for first-tier cities, mature stage kitchenware industry has entered the brand consumption, many kitchen companies such as SUPOR, AUCMA, Joyoung and so on, all efforts in product development, brand building, market competition has become increasingly fierce.
Many of the current production of kitchenware enterprises have committed to increase the added value of the products, in addition to the extensive investment in product quality and brand building, channel construction is an important part of kitchenware hardware marketing. Establish convenient purchasing channels and realize immediate purchase when potential customers are in demand. Common channels include department stores, home supermarkets, home appliance stores and so on. It is reported that in recent years, with the rise of home appliance chain industry, home appliance chain store has become one of the important channels of kitchenware sales, but the operating costs are generally higher, therefore, some manufacturers have been seeking new ways of marketing, such as entering the building materials city and the whole kitchen Exhibition Hall etc..
And the development of kitchen utensils and appliances also presents the trend of diversification, toward personalized, fashionable, humane, intelligent, energy-saving and so on. For example, some of the tool products now appearing on the market, in the design to pay attention to ergonomic principles, is committed to reducing the chef's labor intensity, improve the use of feelings. Many electromagnetic ovens, rice cookers, microwave ovens and other products are also designed to integrate more and more into the intelligent technology. Through the promotion of science and technology, the functions of kitchen utensils are more accurate, and the use is more convenient and more energy efficient.
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